Preventative Maintenance Roofing

Your roof is the most vital asset to your building and protects everything within it.

Like all other aspects of a building, your roof requires preventative maintenance to continue to function properly. Routine inspections and maintenance can ultimately preserve the functionality of your roof throughout its entire lifecycle. That’s what we do through our Windermere Roofs Preventative Maintenance Program. We inspect, repair, and maintain your roof so you don’t have to worry.

Why Your Roof Needs Preventative Maintenance?

Your roof has to be able to withstand heavy rainfall, high winds, extended rainfall, sun exposure and extreme cold. All of these weather conditions are unavoidable and over the course of time they begin to impact the quality of your roof.

The result of an un-inspected roof can be leaks, blow-offs, uplift, ponding, leaks, blistering, erosion, excessive weight, and in extreme situations your roof can collapse.

This is all to say that proper preventative maintenance and roof inspection can resolve so many minor issues and keep you from having to do major roof repairs in the future.

Windermere Roof Roof Repair even manages your warranty and claims processes for you. We maintain your roof to uphold your warranty, so that you can sleep sound knowing that you are covered


Windermere Roofs provides you with 24/7, secure access to a customized online customer portal containing warranties, work orders, photos, invoices, building information, and any project history.

Our Windermere Roofs Preventive Maintenance program is the only way to prepare your roof for the next disaster.

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