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who we are

We are Windermere's Roofing Experts

At Windermere Roofs Roof Repair we strive for excellence! 

Safety Comes First

We are fully licensed and insured to work with Roofing Services

Time Mindful

We ensure that the deadline and work will be met as planned

Professional Team

We work with all types of roofs and are always available to help


What Make Us Best In Roofing Services

“We care about our clients. We know the importance of having a sturdy and durable roof over your family’s head. At Windermere Roofs Roof Repair we put your family first, taking care of all of your roofing issues so you can sleep sound knowing you are covered.”

From leaks and damaged shingles to routine roof inspections and regular roof maintenance we are here for you! Call our toll free number today to schedule a free roof inspection and quote!